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1 Brighton FM Soundsystem at Thomas Kemp

The streets of Brighton were as colourful and crazy as ever for Brighton Pride weekend (Aug 6-7, 2016). Whilst some of our DJs were helping out community ventures by playing the music on floats in the parade and others were on the streets cheering them on we hosted a bit of a do – and we raised £200 for Pride at our party at the Sir Thomas Kemp pub in the heart of Kemptown.

Dreyfus and Balearic Ultras kicked things off and along with Jeff Daniels and Jazzology they brought an air of calm to proceedings as things heated up on the Kemptown streets.  The party scenes flooded the pub when the Soul City boys arrived, with a crowd of 100 or so in tow(!) and Balearic Mike kept things lively.  A slight re-jiggle in the set times meant Glu stepped up early and by this time the pub was heaving.  Whooping, hollering, people dancing on the chairs (but being told, quite sensibly we reckon, that dancing on the bar itself wasn’t really on!) for Glu and Steve KIW’s house and disco selections meant that the 12 hours passed far too quickly.  When Steve spun the Danny Krivit edit of Whitney Houston’s “I’m your baby tonight” the screaming and stomping scenes hit a new high.  It’s hard to remember too many of the other tracks that were played and, when asked, Steve could barely remember either!

All in all, a fantastic night.  Thanks to everyone who came along.  Happy Pride indeed!

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