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Nick Maxwell – B-Boy Antics

Nick Maxwell began his career as a DJ in the early 90’s and quickly graduated from a bedroom DJ to a regular player on the club scene in Nottingham and around the Midlands.  Whilst living in the French Alps towards the end of the 90’s, he became heavily involved in the snowboarding scene and was soon blessing the mountain bars and clubs with his vibrant mix of hip-hop, funk and drum & bass.

Nick moved to Brighton in 2000, where he immersed himself in the local hip-hop scene and became actively involved by DJing for crews such as The Menagerie (with MC’s Elemental, Koaste and Dr Syntax), Special School (alongside Elemental and Jon Clark) and the Blendoffendaz turntablist crew.  He also continued to play at parties and club nights around the UK and in Europe, as well as at various festivals and extreme sports events, such as Board-X, the Urban Games and the British Snowboard & Freeski Championships (The BRITS).

Having already notched up over two decades of experience behind the turntables, Nick is fully accustomed to playing as part of a live ensemble, as well as dropping dynamic and funk-fuelled sets as a solo DJ. Having worked with producer Tom Caruana for over a decade now, Nick continues to work closely with him on various recording projects and album releases, and he often accompanies Professor Elemental on his many adventures as his trusty DJ sidekick.

You can hear more of Nick’s mixes on his Mixcloud page but this one is exclusive to 1 Brighton FM.