• Chris Cracknell

The Get Up



I think my earliest memory of loving music dates back to the mid to late 70’s and being 6 years old. I loved the likes of 10cc and Hot Chocolate but I fell in love with the throbbing sound of Donna Summer’s ‘I feel love’, still one of my favourite’s. I quickly developed a fondness for 2 Tone and Ska but my underground musical tastes were developing from hearing Hip-Hop and Electro in the early 80’s.

Discovering Soul, Reggae and Funk through various Pirate stations in the Midlands introduced me to Blues parties and sound system culture while still at school. Chicago and Acid House followed that and I immersed myself in the club land explosion at the end of the 80’s and into the early 90’s.

I’ve been a DJ and record collector since 1993 and my focus has always been pretty much left of centre, the ‘other room’ sound. I am a vinyl junkie and as expensive as it is, it’s a passion and it won’t go away! I started promoting at the end of the 90’s and at one time, made a nice living out of it. Good times! I had the pleasure of playing next to and hosting such luminaries as Norman Jay, 4 Hero, Melle Mel and the Furious five, Daddy G, James Lavelle & UNKLE among many many others. However, the promoting has taken a firm back seat, as quite frankly, it’s too much like hard work in this day and age, it’s a young man’s game. Although, i’m still a relative youngster of course . . . .

I had an idea 18 months or so ago to start a radio station as I felt that the music I know and love wasn’t being represented as much as it should be. So, I started a community interest company and 1 Brighton FM was born. I now head that up along with two other directors. It’s a labour of love but it is a love and i wouldn’t have it any other way!

My tastes vary massively and this is reflected in my record collection and the mixes and shows that i produce. You will hear Disco, Boogie, Funk, Jazz, Soul and Hip-Hop as well as House, Techno, Bass, Balearic, Afro, Latin and a whole heap more.