• Dom Servini (Wah Wah 45s)

The Deep End


3rd Sunday of the Month

Alex Turner:  Originally from London but living in Brighton for 10 years now. My life has been mainly on the road with acts such as Orbital, The Chemical Bros, Hot Chip, Beta Band, Death in Vegas and Royksopp. In the UK I have run record labels, recording studios and put on a fair few parties. My Sunday soundtrack will include rich mellow vibes to coax the sunshine into anyone’s Sunday morning. Sweet and luscious, new and old music, easy & Eclectic you could say. Strong songs and cool instrumentation.

Paul HB: I have been based in Brighton for the last decade and have been playing buying and selling vinyl for 20 years – specialising in the deeper end of House, Funk Reggae, Balearic and alternative genres.

My passion for music started in 1988 playing House and Techno at illegal raves and London based pirate radio stations countrywide. Throughout the nineties i held residencies at clubs in Liverpool and Brighton playing early sets which allowed me to move from Ambient soundscapes and mellow Hip-Hop breaks through Disco and Boogie into deeper House territories. Never one to “bang it out” my sets now represent the same styles but with a strong influence of what is now called Balearic by some; records you can listen to lying down or standing up, the deeper end of the dance spectrum.