The Brink Collective


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The Brink Collective will aim to to take you to that confounded brink and maybe back!
Formed locally, the three main protagonists being:

Johnny Hartshorn “The maitre d’ of Brighton”, no event is complete without – formerly of The Jilted Johns, he’s jilted no more!

Sam Free West founder of Horsepower productions who has recorded under many guises incl. The Alien Jazz Quartet, and has graced many a dance floor from Sao Paulo to Brixton, Goa and beyond – guaranteed to be the last man standing!

Jim Reynolds who has fallen off some of the best disco stages in the World – a founding member of The Mad Cats posse and long term beach bum !

All three hail from South-ish London and mainly reside round these parts for the time being. Expect the un-expected musically with a wide range of tastes coming together in a hedonistic eclectica mish-mash sound system of love!