Sun Sea Sound

Thursdays 11am-1pm


Made up of two members of the Soft rocks collective.

Sun sea sound focuses on the Ambient, Atmospheric and blissed out, I guess if you wanted to pin a badge on it, it would read Balearic. Meet the two members.

Chris Galloway – Chris was born in Luton at a very early age. His first musical memory was of asking his mom for a Kalabiba (guitar), he got his wish but alas, never learned to play it. Chris moved to Bracknell and was exposed to 2 tone, 60′s Soul, Reggae, Hip-Hop and Funk as a youngster, which set the path for his love of music.

He moved to Brighton and ran a record shop called ‘Pure Pleasure Music’. Through the shop, he met 3 other music lovers who – along with Chris – would go on to form Soft Rocks, releasing the 1st of their many edits on their own ‘Soft rocks recordings’ imprint in 2003. Their own productions and an LP arrived further down the line. Chris has been DJing for 20+ years and has ran record labels for over 10 years, He has been dealing records for over 10 years, selling to the likes of Andrew Weatherall as many other well respected DJ’s and producers.

Chris is involved in other projects including Kinfolk, Roots Unit and Salinas Jockey club.

Andy Simms – Also – and coincidentally – from Luton (although he didn’t know Chris until he moved to Brighton some years later) Andy bought his first records as a kid, Elvis tracks in amongst those first early purchases. Andy was also hooked by the early 2 Tone scene, which led to the Soul boy and Jazz Funk scene in London, where he moved as a 16 year old. This led to the Acid House and Balearic boom of the mid to late 80’s. However, Andy has always had a love for the Leftfield sound of the music he has been introduced to.

Andy had only ever really dabbled in DJing at friend’s parties until he moved to Brighton in 1996. It was here that he met Chris and Bobby and they went on to form Soft Rocks.

The rest is – as they say – is history.