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Resident Records


4th Thursday of the Month

Setting up a record shop in their home town of Brighton in 2004 was something of a dream come true for Natasha Youngs & her (now) husband, Derry Watkins. They had worked for years & years (since graduating) in Virgin & Our Price & knew that music retail was the only job that made any sense to them. However, the corporate world made no sense to them at all & as such, when the time felt right, they made their escape, sold loads of their stuff, begged the banks & set up their own shop.

Brighton couldn’t have been a better place for establishing the fledgling business – culturally rich, loads of live music venues, bands forming in every pub corner – the perfect environment for these two music lovers to get back to what really makes them tick.

Since its birth, Resident has grown from a two-person operation into one that employs nine full-time music lovers who work tirelessly to provide the level of customer service that is needed on the high street today. They are all passionate believers in the importance of record shops & their place in the community & strive to make Resident the most inviting, helpful & enjoyable place to visit.

When we’re not working, you’ll find the Residents rehearsing with their bands, out at gigs, checking out new albums, reading up on what’s happening on blog & review sites & basically immersing themselves in all things music related. They love to share this with their customers & this makes Resident a great place to discover new music, rediscover bands & pick up tickets for local gigs (they sell tickets for most local venues, all listed on their website & in their window).

Resident stock a huge range of new releases & back catalogue across all genres & their vinyl offering has expanded massively in recent years into a really healthy & diverse selection that you could lose yourself in for hours, should you choose to. They often have limited editions, free bonus discs & indie exclusives. They also host in-stores & offer musical guidance & cheery smiles.

If you’re not lucky enough to live in Brighton &amp; don’t get to visit often, you can always buy from Resident online (<a href=”http://www.resident-music.com”>www.resident-music.com</a>) as they have a brilliantly informative weekly newsletter detailing all the new releases &amp; tickets on sale (sign up on the front page). Resident run a great website, with speedy service, where you can order for delivery or to pick up in the shop.

All of this dedication &amp; love for what they do has resulted in the shop being shortlisted for “best Independent record shop in the UK” for the last 5 years in a row &amp; has seen them deservedly take the crown no less than 3 times (2011, 2014 &amp; 2015).

The public also voted Resident as “best indie in the country” both times that the Record Store Day organisers ran their poll. Winners! Essentially, Resident records are everything you would want your local indie record store to be.

The Resident records show on 1 Brighton fm will give listeners the opportunity of hearing an incredible selection of independent music and will give a peek into the vast shared knowledge of the presenters.

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