Nico De Transilvania

Musica Without Frontiers

10pm - Midnight

2nd Thursday of the Month

Nico de Transilvania is the consummate entertainer. Bringing together a unique blend of Balkan/Eastern/Swing/Electronic Global sounds native-born Transilvanian, Nico, has carved out her own niche as an international DJ. Today she continues to explore and combine sounds from around the world, new and old as she stays true to her philosophy of music without frontiers and her Balkan roots.

She has headlined at music, film, and art events across the Globe, as well as performing, she has curated sell-out multi-media events at some of the UK’s top festivals and worked along-side an eclectic mix of talented musicians/artists. Having made her name in the Balkan scene as resident DJ at the Balkaneasca nights and her own Super Mishto night, Nico’s musical knowledge has found new expression in recent years, both as a music supervisor for documentaries and music curator for art galleries and art installations.

Nico began her love affair with music and dance from a very young age, being brought up in Communist Romania with limited access to new music, she did her research in the local Balkan sounds, Swing, Blues and Latin, till she later on discovered Electronic/Dance music which she fell in love with.

During this show Nico will be playing an eclectic mix of World music, Swing, Blues, Tropical, Balkan and Easter sounds combined with new Electronic sounds that she loves!

From the lady herself;

‘The music I play has been influenced by my childhood memories of old traditional folk, gypsy and fanfara music. But after experiencing music of different cultures around the world I can’t help but introduce new elements into what I do, uniting them with a contemporary electronic sound. The tunes that move me and make me dance are the ones that end up in my sets. Doesn’t matter of style or genre’