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Fridays 6pm-8pm


The collective known as Kinfolk are:

Soft rocks – Soft Rocks are 4 Brighton based djs and producers with a relaxed attitude to copyright law.

Soft Rocks hobbled onto the scene in 2003. Their first record was notable for predating current re-edit mania by some years, and being the only one of their own releases so far not to have a pressing fault or printing error. Spurred on by this success, Soft Rocks immediately went dormant for a year.

Since then, things have got marginally more serious but only marginally. They set up two sister labels; Disco Powerplay and Chocolate Love for edits, whilst Soft Rocks Recordings focuses mainly on original (ish) material. Remixes have trickled in for the likes of Lo Motion Disco, MGMT, Disco Sessions & Chris Coco, some of which you can even buy in the shops.

Soft Rocks have released music on Mule Musiq, Lo Recordings and ESP institute, which is home for their 2011 album ‘The curse of Soft rocks’

Soft Rocks have dj’ed at clubs, festivals and parties across Europe. Finally a few more people seem to be picking up the hint that they don’t just play downtempo weird nonsense and tailfeathers have been seen a shakin’ to their heady mix of disco, house, boogie, leftfield jams, reggae and other oddities.

Kalidasa – Has been playing music in Brighton across many venues since he moved here in 2008. Making up one third of Kinfolk with Easy Jim and Soft Rocks. If he’s not playing records, he’s playing instruments. His sporadic music productions of leftfield dance music under the Kalidasa alias over the last few years has spawned some dark disco sounds that has garnered support from the likes of Ivan Smagghe, Mugwump, Andrew Weatherall and Sean Johnson to name a few.

Easy Jim – Before Brighton, Jim lived in London and helped run a series of underground club nights in Chinatown called Minkin as well as guesting at various clubs and bars. Jim managed a popular south London independent record store, ‘IS’ records and worked for Record Corner distributing US imports to the West End and Brighton record stores, which brought him into contact with Soft Rocks. A few years later Jim moved down to the south coast with his family.

Since being here Jim has played at various club nights and parties, which led to him – proudly – joining the Kinfolk crew.

Musically Jim has always been interested in more Left-field underground music, specifically more Downtempo styles and warm up vibes, by his own words, he falls into the ‘anything goes Balearic category’