• Chris Cracknell

Jaime Read

1st Friday of the Month 10pm-12am

Wednesdays 12pm-2pm, Bi Weekly

Jaime has spent 20 years making music and nearly 40 years listening to and buying records. Now he get’s to share that knowledge on the radio with you.

He has two shows on the station, focusing on his many different musical tastes.

Anything goes on his Friday show, which he does bi-weekly. Old or new as long as it floats his boat, he will play it. He does the last show of the night and he’s scheduled for two hours but – as is often the case – he keep playing until people drag him off! He normally invites a special guest or two, who enjoy helping with the music and mayhem.

Wednesday afternoons is a different show, Jaime like to bring out his 7″s and pleasure you with everything and anything!!