J-Felix (DV8)

Wednesdays 3pm-5pm


Looking back across the last decade is, for Dv8 Sussex, like lifting the lid on a series of Russian dolls. In its earliest incarnation in 2003, young people from across Sussex would huddle together in a small room above an Internet cafe in Brighton, learning about event promotions and putting on club nights in Brighton. Dv8 then went on to offer courses in radio, music, video and fashion, in many weird and wonderful locations including Sussex Cricket Club, Metway recording studios, Brighton Youth Centre and a even a double decker bus, before finding its current homes in Brighton and Bexhill. Dv8 has grown, and on its journey has inspired the creative development of thousands of young people across Sussex.

So what’s it all about? “We believe that all young people have a huge potential to succeed. When you give them the opportunity to learn new skills that they can put into practice in the real world they can achieve great things.” So says Dv8 Sussex’s director, Dan Wallman. “Our courses provide the qualifications that young people need, coupled with the experience to show they know how to use those skills. Work experience is the key to getting your first job, so we create our own; we give young people job titles, roles and responsibilities and put them in charge of their own projects. The best way to learn something is by doing it.”

Find out more: http://www.dv8sussex.com/



Producer and multi-instrumentalist Joe F Newman cut his teeth in an eclectic range of bands and musical projects – not to mention absorbing a mind-boggling array of influences, from The Clash to De La Soul to Snarky Puppy – before deciding the time had come to zoom in on his own sound.

He was right to take the plunge; stepping out under his solo moniker, J-Felix, with just a few demos to his name, he found his woozy, heart-on-sleeve, P-funk laced songs being quickly snapped up by Tru Thoughts.

Now based in Brighton, but originally from Bristol, Newman’s approach to music was originally inspired by those he saw taking the DIY route back home where he grew up on a diet of D&B, Hip-Hop and Dubwise music. After discovering the original sources of so many of the samples found in early D&B, Trip Hop and US Hip Hop, he fell in love with all things Funk, Jazz and Soul, later developing a particular taste for the P-Funk and Boogie sounds which now come through heavily in his music.