• Chris Cracknell

Family Funktunes


3rd Friday of the month

Dante (Dan) and Delv (Si) span their own brand of Northern, Motown, Funk, Disco and Soul for the first time at The Cocoanut, Kingston-upon-Thames in 2001; the day England won 5-1 in Germany. Regular shindigs at the Roundhill, Coopers Cask and the London Unity in Brighton resulted in a loyal following and the need for a name… Family Funktunes was born.

A hugely successful monthly at The Sussex Arts Club kicked off in June 2004 and regularly saw 250 funkers packing out Brighton’s coolest venue. From a jammed dry ice machine and punters trying to enter by clambering over a grand piano, to a band named after swimming trunks and people dressed up as superheroes using a rowing machine on stage, the night certainly made its mark during its two-year tenure.

As word spread, the boys ventured further afield as bookings flooded – OK, trickled – in from Soho, Clapham, Skegness, Colchester, Islington, and Cambridge, to name but a few. A festival debut in a field just north of Brighton witnessed the unusual spectre of DJing facing a wall in the dining room of a stately home and a complaint about the bass from a farmer three miles away.

A couple of 2006 events at the sadly-no-longer Gloucester saw Funktunes ramp up its standing locally and the firm friendship with Brighton legends Stick It On has resulted in a Wig-On Casino residency at their King & Queen Bank Holiday all-dayers. A washed-out Beachdown didn’t dampen Family Funktunes’ enthusiasm and a six-month stint at The Globe reinvigorated the boys’ desire to play beautiful music to appreciative crowds.

After a residency at The Hope and two gigs at the Blind Tiger, Dante and Delv played in various venues across Brighton and Hove and hosted a charity night for the Rocking Horse Appeal at The Latest, alongside Vinyl Veterans.

In early 2013, Dan and Si achieved a lifetime ambition of playing abroard – albeit in Dundee! They packed out Duke’s Corner – over 200 punters – alongside Stick It On’s Big Si and Rob.

Two huge gigs at the American Express Community Stadium have cemented the boys’ place in the city’s funklore.

And, of course, every month the Dante and Delv present the Family Funktunes radio show on to bring listeners the very best from the broadest of churches that is Soul music.