Easin In

Mondays 10am-1pm


Easin’ In is hosted by Ian Lawton, who is more cheerful than his photo would suggest. A Coventry lad weened on The Clash and native 2-Tone, and a former grunge era rock journalist he has been obsessing about music for longer than most people have been alive and DJing and mixing badly for nearly as long. He has been producing radio shows in Brighton for four years and very occasionally plays out, spills beer over all his favourite records, puts them all back in the wrong sleeves and regrets it … Easin’ In on fortnightly Monday mornings is designed to be a gentle start to your week, populated by dream pop, chilled electronica, reggae, dub, jazz, funk, soul, rare groove, ambient, disco, world music and a smattering of mellow downtempo proper house (think Ron Trent). Ian doesn’t like the term ‘balearic’, because that makes him imagine over-produced schmaltz with bird noises in it made by Pink Floyd fans (he isn’t one, Syd Barrett era excepted) so he doesn’t call it that. He likes to fly the flag for Brighton bands with horn sections and is a Resonators groupie. One of his dreams in life is to rid the world of electro-swing and Goa trance.