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DiG THiS with JP



2nd Saturday of the Month

Music has always been a constant in my life. Some of my early listening memories & inspirations would be listening on a school night in the 1980’s to John Peel radio shows because he used to play an average of 2 new hip hip tracks per night. Also hearing electro, Steinski, Coldcut and the early years of the DMC mixing finals/swapping hip hop tapes at school… hip hop music & culture was my 1st love as a kid! Mixing with belt drives until I could afford my first pair of 1210’s got me into scratching & mixing and all of this admittedly was the catalyst for my music obsession ahead.

Following dj culture and club culture in my teens into 20’s into 30’s was the next stage and I have continued to develop my love for djing, mixing and even a spot of production to this day. I continue to dig deeper and my record collection covers electronic music, Disco, Afrobeat, Soul, Jazz, Blues and beyond taking plenty of left turns along the way…… the eclectic music journey continues and it’s great to have a platform to share the love, the passion and the tunes of course on my fortnightly show on 1Brightonfm.

You can expect to hear a soulful twist of the unexpected, with guest dj’s popping in for a chat and mix up in the 2 hour show Saturday evening slot.

Hear my mixes at: Soundcloud AND Hi-Fi RECORDINGS.