David Loja

Mondays 3pm-6pm


David’s musical history started back in Hungary as a child, when he tried to learn how to play guitar but in his own words ‘I had an a**hole teacher so i just stopped after a year’.

He developed an interest in music production and he is now learning to play piano. He has recently started to learn how to use drum machines, synths, sequencers but these are early days for the budding producer.

Approx. 3 years ago David found around 200 records in his grand parents loft, which opened his eyes to vinyl records and their beauty. They were mostly classical but in there were Hungarian pressed copies from the likes of the Doors, James Brown and Blondie, as well as some Hungarian Funk, Disco and Prog Rock stuff. A year after finding this treasured haul, he moved to the UK. 3 years down the line he finds himself in Brighton, scouring record shops, charity shops and Flea markets for the love of digging new and old vinyl.

David’s show on 1 Brighton fm is about sharing his musical experiences and all of the music he has hunted and loved.

Taking in everything from Soul, Jazz and Funk to and Disco, to Psychedelic, Rock, House and Techno. A pure vinyl lover, there won’t be a CD or USB stick in sight!