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Balearic Assassins Of Love


Thurdays 5pm-8pm


The Balearic Assassins Of Love are a hirsute raggle taggle DJ collective from various corners of the UK. The show is hosted by King Sunny Ade P of Hastings via Manchester and Steve KIW, a local with roots and accent from London, with regular input from Mark Day de Don Juan and Picko-D.

BAOL are a collective of vinyl junkies comprising of Steve KIW, King Sunny Ade P, Mark D and Picko-d. They worship at the Technics altar of sunrise and the quadraphonic wickerman of sunset-like 80s Kicker-shod party druids. Channeling ley-lines from Ibiza to the Norfolk Broads they encapsulate the spirit of acid house, the emotional joy of pop and the laid-back loose feel of the White Isle with whatever music works for them there and then! Forever on an eternal quest to slay the dragon of segregation and the pigeon-hole of pretense they gather frequently and mix together musical forms as diverse as hypno Latvian Acid Skiffle, Mystic Tibetan Yacht Rock and Hokus Pocus Voodoo Shizzle to create that eclectic, highly danceable, couldn’t care less, ‘last day of the holiday’ feel so beloved of British People in Hot Weather. BAOL were once famously described as “A cross between the opening party at Amnesia and the last days of Sodom and Gommorah”.


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