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Bunker Buzz Chart – October

The inaugural monthly Bunker Buzz Chart compiled by 1BTN selectors. Here are 20 crucial tunes that are buzzing on 1BTN as we enter the month of October.

Y-Bayani & His Band Of Enlightenment, Reason And Love
Asembi Ara Amba (Henrik Schwarz remix)
(Sunday Music Records)
I suggest copy and pasting the name. WHY? A return to form for Henrik Schwarz: best thing, in my humble opinion, he’s done in a few years – highly infectious, some might call it house but it probably straddles a few genres and will be perfect for long autumn evening sets.
Steve KIW

Local Artist
Great production, lots of fun and the dancers love it! Produced by Ian Wyatt who also releases records as Slow Riffs. Dancer mixes disco , garage and proto house. Flip over for dreamer which is a dubbier take.
Andy Simms

Horace Ferguson
(LegsMan Records)
The second release from the LegsMan Label, vocals are truly unique with the flip side dubbing things up.
Lisa Lohan

Disarray (From Double Negative)
(Sub Pop)
First wave slowcore heroes and a consistently brilliant band, Low respond to a climate of creeping fascism in America delivering one of their difficult albums (their 12th), drowning in decomposing electronics, distortion and effects. Disarray is a representative cut – a relentless throb set against Mimi Parker and Alan Sparhawk’s melodic vocals and soaring harmony. Crucial zeitgeist shit from what is being touted as an album of the year.
Ian Lawton

Strength (Waajeed’s String Mix)
(Dirt Tech)
More uplift than a Miss Mary Of Sweden basque, this will ensure your autumn is filled with piano infused wiggles.
Kate Wildblood

Fresh Gildans
(Firecracker Recordings)
Deeper than deep late night electro jams fresh from Scotland’s esteemed Firecracker Recordings. Linkwood yet again shows he is one of the finest producers out there. Very limited. Don’t sleep.

Joey Negro
Distorting Space Time (JN Space Funk Remix)
(Z Records)
I imagine the Balearics will prefer the Ron Trent mix, but this mix does it for me. Bouncy, squelchy, soulful future funk. Good for radio or dancefloor. Touches of deep house and even 4 Hero vibes. Fun. Warm. Good.
Big Red Al

Lonely C
Hold Up ft Kendra Foster (Original Mix)
(Soul Clap)
Absolute belter of a vocal house track. Released Sept 25th. Taken from an album called Charles and Tribulations out at the end of November by Soul Clap’s Charles Levine.
Kerry Jean Lister

Inspiration (From Life is Beautiful LP)
The opening track on Glaswegian producer Vince Watson’s brilliant new album under his new Quart moniker. A more organic ‘live’ sound to his previous deep house/techno productions… part 4 hero, part La Ritournelle. The sound of the summer.
Jim Lister

Standout track from a standout album from a producer who manages to create textures that melt you into the ground.
Patrick Robinson

Dur Dur of Somalia
(Analog Africa)
Analog Africa dig deep for a double album reissue of high quality cassette only Somalian funk. (Some of which Awesome Tapes of Africa had already put out) Opening cut Ohiyee is a banger that wouldn’t sound out of place in a Songhoy Blues set.
Ian Lawton

(Where Is The) Sunshine Part l & ll
We ask, where is the sunshine? Well It’s right here. A stunning 4 Hero-esque spiritual soul jazz gem which was lovingly reissued on Chuwanaga records over the summer – In the words of Mr Bongo… ‘pure sunshine on wax’.
Chewy Grandy

Danny Red
Rasta We Rasta
(Youth & Truth Music)
This veteran singer has been on fire in recent years and on this heavy steppers style tune he displays the full range of his vocal prowess.
Leggy Abrahet

Potatohead People
Liftin’ Up (feat. K-Maxx) (From Nick & Astro’s Guide To The Galaxy)
(Bastard Jazz)
A heavy dose of Bootsy Collins style P-Funk from this excellent Canadian duo.
Nicholas Mark Broom

Pick up the Phone
(Aarght Records)
More electronic goodness from Down under. Inspired, it says here, by bleak disco, paranoia and Bucky Fuller.
Chris Lewis

The Lemon Twigs
The Fire
A song about a chimp that goes to school, gets bullied and then burns the school down in revenge. This is the sound of what happens when you listen to too much Todd Rundgren.
Senor Mick

Yussef Dayes & Alfa Mist (feat. Mansur Brown)
Blacked Out
(Cashmere Thoughts)
Soul drenched drum patterns with hypnotic keys and a rolling bassline. Blacked Out sounds like an organic/live version of something that may have come off Blame’s 720 Degrees label from the mid-late 90’s. A fine collaboration from two artists that currently have Jazz by the scruff off its neck … This is modern urban jazz.
Leon Jazzology

Joseph Malik
Take A Left (Jo Wallace’s North Street Remix)
It’s blues, it’s glam rock, it’s soul, It’s disco … it’s Marc Bolan meeting Omar at the Woodleigh Research facility.
Woodenhorse Provocateur

Yeah Pass It
Beautifully warm, deep house. It’s the deftness of touch on the production that makes it great. From the acid bassline, the lightness of the keys, through to the subtle warmth of the vocals. Ace.
Big Red Al

Won’t Suffer/Miles Says
(Wah Wah 45s)
New Resonators double header. Suffer is a righteous call to arms. Miles is a harmonious bouncy call to the dance floor!
Woodenhorse Provocateur

Devotion (feat. Coby Sey)
One of the wonkiest alt-RnB tunes since Jai Paul’s Jasmine? A haunting ear wormy jam from Tirzah’s debut album, produced by Micah Levi.
Ian Lawton

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