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Bunker Buzz – February

The tunes that are doin’ it this month for the DJs denizens of the 1BTN bunker. An incomplete version of this chart is also available as a playlist on Spotify. Mac-Talla Nan Creag The Sorrow of Derdriu (Firecracker Recordings) Other Lands and Lord Of the Isles from the incredible Firecracker … read more

1BTN Records Of The Year

Let’s get straight to it: 2018 has been a bumper year for music. Here on 1BTN we are blessed to have an incredible array of DJs who are only too happy to share their digging finds with you lot, our wonderful and loyal listeners. The only rules we’ve applied is … read more

Kamaal Feel The Noise

Kamaal Williams gig review. Words by Joel Essex, photo by Fred Lopez. It’s been just over two years since the seminal release of Black Focus, an album that brought to wider attention the sound of a new generation of young British jazz artists. The excitement and acclaim which accompanied that … read more

A Scottish tale – Whisky, rain and music

We talk to Gavin Sutherland, AKA Other Lands, from Firecracker Recordings Mac-Talla Nan Creag, about their soon to be released 2nd LP, “The Sorrow of Derdriu”. So Mac-Talla Nan Creag I believe translates as Echoes of The Rock – this is the second volume – what was the original inspiration … read more

5 Brilliant Broken Beats

For a short, but extremely frenzied few years, either side of the Millennium, the talents, minds and hearts of some of the finest drum and bass, house, jazz, electronic and afrobeat artists and producers from across the world collided in West London. The rise of Co-op, a club night established … read more

Alterleo – From Russia With Love

Our man, Dan Storey, wanted to know more behind the lovely music being produced by, Denis Leonovitch AKA Alterleo, a talented sound man out of Moscow. He asked and here is the result. Hi Denis, how are you? You have been Dan Storey’s artist of the month. So, for people … read more