About us

Who are the 1btn Rogues?:


1 Brighton Fm launched in April 2015 with the ambition to create a not-for-profit radio station that not only provides a mix of varied and eclectic musical genres to reflect the city’s creative culture, but also directly involves the community with the station itself.

The initial idea was born of frustration at not being able to listen to a local radio station in Brighton & Hove that plays quality, varied, underground and specialist music on a daily basis.

Through a programme of exciting and entertaining music and chat, we have served to demonstrate the diversity of Brighton & Hove with a talented roster of DJs along with a host of up and coming local talent. The station has engaged, encouraged and engendered collaborative working within the local community by working with local events and festivals, the substantial fine and performing arts community, and the public themselves directly.

We currently have a roster of approximately 180 volunteer presenters broadcasting 100 odd live shows per month. The presenters are made up of a mixture of Dj’s, musicians, artists, promoters, music enthusiasts, members of the community and local community groups and charitable organisations. Most, if not all of our presenters - past and present - have a strong local presence with many having national and international recognition. Steve Mason (Beta Band/King biscuit me), Martin Duffy (Primal Scream), Alice Russell (Tru-Thoughts), Balearic Mike, Fat Cat Records and Soft Rocks are just a few of the names we have or have had on our roster. If you are not familiar with any of those names, Google will assist in giving you an idea of their backgrounds.

We are also involved with a number of local charities and community groups with some of them hosting their own shows on 1 Brighton FM. We are always actively engaging other local concerns to join our project. To further the work we already do, we have plans of launching a second service in a working live studio. We will look to engage more community and charity groups to host shows and we will have relevant talk shows etc all for the purpose of serving the local community.

We have achieved a lot in the last 2 and half years or so. We joined the local DAB+ service in Dec 2015 and in Feb of this year Ofcom awarded us an FM Community licence, so we now broadcast on 101.4FM on the local radio FM service. Since the first broadcast we have cemented a solid base in which to work. We have presenters, who for the majority, have been here from the start but we have added and will continue to add fresh new blood to the roster and continue to push to find the perfect balance. There is a real family atmosphere at 1 Brighton FM and we think it reflects in the quality of the service we provide.

Ultimately, we are an underground music station and it’s the love of music that drives the project forwards. We look to the likes of NTS, 6 Music and Rinse Fm in London and Berlin Community Radio and Redlight Radio further afield, as our inspiration and an influence on what we aim to be. We aim to improve the quality of our service further by increasing the amount of shows we broadcast, so that we have good quality presented shows 24/7. We will also look to increase the amount of well-known guest presenters to become regularly involved with our service. With our ambitious plan in mind we have re-branded our station. On the 7th October 2017 ‘1 Brighton FM’ became, ‘1BTN’. We will look to push this new brand further afield with the hope of engaging an online audience that will see us able to reach our goal, as being a well respected radio station for listening to good quality, underground and specialist music.

We thank you for taking your time to read this and we hope the service that we provide to you is something that you are happy with. If so, please be kind enough to spread the word.