Bunker Buzz Chart August

The big tunes broadcasting from the 1BTN Bunker for August, from dub to neo-tropicália to rave to disco to reggae to indie-pop and afro-futurism, it’s an eclectic mix this month. There is also an incomplete version of this list as a Spotify playlist:


Circa 2000
The Shaper
(Lapsus Records)
Lapsus Records presents Faith Healer from Circa 2000, his most personal work to date and a palpable tribute to the work of Scottish composer Alex Harvey, during his time leading The Sensational Alex Harvey Band.
GLU (Thejointventures Attic)

The People, The Place
(WotNot Music)
WotNot is excited to introduce Beringei, a broken beat producer whose debut release The People, The Place brings focus to the people and communities that make the London music scene so special. The People, The Place hosts syncopated vocals over twisting live bass and shuffling broken beats.
Mickey Dukes

Loop LF
Natural XT
(Well Street Records)
Loop LF makes a very warm return to Well Street. Providing three beautifully detailed cuts to keep getting lost in, with an expertly crafted remix from Martsman on the flip.
Ross Brewer (Third Space)

Esa Presents Amandla: Music To The People
(Soundway Records)
Lovely compilation of ‘world’ sounds that hail from South Africa, Brazil and the French Antilles – amongst other places. Taking in Afro-futurism, Bacardi House and various other electronic styles.
WH Provocateur (Music Of A Soft Rock)

Cate Le Bon
Daylight Matters (Mexican Summer)
Always evolving, this time Cate Le Bon adds a dash of 80’s Bowie and Bush into the mix whilst still sounding like only she can.
Her new album is classy from start to finish and this a lovely track from it.
Señor Mick (Garden Of Earthly Delights)

Paradise Island
(Pressure Makes Diamonds)
Originally released in 1980 from Florida based band Azwon. On the b-side of a 200 run private press 45. This super rare piece lovingly reissued & remastered is the first release from the Pressure Makes Diamonds label courtesy of Mr. Bongo Family member Gary Johnson. Floating latin infused modern soul with serious groove, essential!
Tony Mead (The Viva Soul Radio Show)

Golden Bug
(Multi Culti)
Hailing from Nantes in France, Golden Bug dropping a Psychedelic Dub slab of Blissed out Downtempo Dance-floor biz!!! July ’19.
Chris Lewis (Turn On Tune In)

The Juan Maclean
The Lone Dancer
Strung out goosebump generator that will see you right this Brighton Pride as the man with the disco plan delivers yet another epic EP you have to purchase.
Wildblood and Queenie

Octo Octa
Spin Girl, Let’s Activate!
This vibrant acid house cut, brimming with cleverly used samples, is an exciting taster for Octo Octa’s third album, Resonant Body, to be released in September on the label she has founded with Eris Drew.

Sendelica, Secret Knowledge & The Orb
(Strange Fish)
A tribute to the late partner of Kris Needs, helped out by Sendelica and Alex Patterson, with Wonder from Secret Knowledge doing the vocals. It’s very beautiful.
Murray Scott (Ubik)

Buju Banton
(Gargamel music)
Latest release from the gargamel sounding like some of his classic material from the 90s.
Kris Venum (World a Reggae Show)

Todd Terry
The Freak Show (extended mix)
Such a belter 👌👌👌 A day on the road, a night at the disco. A swinging, jacking beat – totally Todd Terry style.
Anya Lux

Neil Cowley
Glass Cage from Beat Infinitum EP
Self Released
‘What happens when you look for heart and humanity from within the clutches of technology?’ Ex Zero 7 and Fragile State keys player Neil Cowley has the answer with this brand new EP of deep melodic soundscapes and atmosphericals. Majestic.
Chewy Beatwell (What’s Wrong With Groovin’)

Sabrina Gunston
Bad as you are
Dark-pop at its finest with intense lyrics making people feel like a bad boss.
Serena Robb (The Isle Of CC)

Vin Gordon
African Shores
(Tradition Disc)
Following their heavyweight Sounds Almighty offering from last year, sax player Nat Birchall and multi-instrumentalist Al Breadwinner hook up again with Jamaican trombone legend Vin Gordon for another album’s worth of dub genius. Original rhythms and majestic horns recorded at The Bakery in Stockport on reel to reel with vintage outboard effects for full analogue Black Ark vibes. Put that in your pipe and smoke it!
Ian Lawton (Trainspotters)

Kit Sebastian
Mantra Moderne LP
(Mr Bongo).
If you love Khruangbin, Stereolab, Serge Gainsbourg, Os Mutantes, Turkish psych… you are gonna LOVE this. Could be album of 2019 thus far. Jim Lister (VERSION)

Don’t Argue
(Needwant Records)
The welcome return of the ever so talented Julian Peck & Sean Bronsan who deliver a joyous uplifting mid-tempo house record with rolling pianos and strings. A summertime delight.
Mike Bradbury (Balearic Ultras)

Don Carlos
(Imogen Recordings)
One of the original and best know Italian deep house producers from the early 90’s returns with a new single in 2 versions. Fans of his 1991 master piece ‘Alone’ will be pleased to hear it leans heavily on that blueprint, dreamy pads, an off-beat bassline and a gentle sax hook make for a great reminder of a wonderful time in Italian dance music production.
Andy Mac (Under One Groove Show)

Mungo’s Hi Fi and Eve Lazarus
More Fyah
(Scotch Bonnet Records)
Eve Lazarus collaborates with the Scottish sound system crew Mungo’s Hi Fi and brings the sound of dancehall and dubstep with a heavy bass sound. The Mungo’s sound is based in the traditional dub and reggae sound but mixes and crosses the musical genres of dancehall, drum & bass and hip-hop, mix that with a Three Blind Mice riddim from Max Romeo and the vocal talents of singer and MC Eve Lazrus and More Fyah will have you bumpin’, grindin’ and a windin’. Check it out.
Caterine Sones (Club Click)

Tee Mango ft. Amp Fiddler
Feels Like Whatever
(Million Hands)
Another deep house bomb from Tee Mango that slowly unfolds in all its glory. Amp Fiddler brings his unique soulful touch on the vocal.
Nick Carling (Fruitful Radio Show)

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