1BTN Launches crowdfunding campaign!

As with any volunteer led organisation, funding is a daily challenge. After two and a half years, we need to ask for support from the community we serve.

Why we need your help

If we secure this vital financial help now, our plan to be a successful, self-sufficient and nationally recognised radio station becomes a reality. Meaning you continue to hear the best music on the airwaves, and the wider community benefits from our workshops, accredited courses and events.

  • Our original (donated/second-hand) studio equipment is worn out and in desperate need of upgrading and replacing.
  • Contribution to the overall running costs and annual broadcast licence fees, while we continue to build our revenue streams.
  • To bring to life our plans to create a second studio, wholly dedicated to community and charity projects, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Read more: https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/1btn



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